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 GREAT OPPORTUNITY !  Available for sale: a Beautiful Family Home with adjoin land in Ika
[Mostly finished exterior]


     For more detailed information regarding this great opportunity , including price contact

      Mrs. Mirjana: lara.bucic@hotmail.com
ili cell 091-531.7637 

   This great property resides in the place called Ika . It is distanced 4 km.
   from Opatija, 1 km. from Lovran, 250 m from the town's center and the
   sea, on
a quite residential street.
   The house is approximately 90 sq. m2, the surrounding land of 914 sq. m2
   with the possibility of adding one more floor.
   There is also, available for sale 2100 sq. m2 of adjoin land to this property.

   This offer has 3 variations :

   1. The family house with surrounding land of approximately 914 sq. m2.

   2. Land of 2100 sq. m2 that borders with the family house and its
       surrounding land.

   3. Both,family house with its surrounding land and the 2100 sq. m2. of
       adjoin land.

   NOTE: The house and the land have clean / proper ownership!

   Information about the house

      Upon Request                   TYPE:              Family Home
   TOWN:       Ika                                   CONDITION:
 Reedy to move in
 Istria - Kvarner                 BADROOMS:   1*
   COUNTRY: Croatia                             BATHROOMS: 1

   This is a ranch style house with a lovely open plan area that consists of
    living/dinning and kitchen, with the hallway, one bedroom and one

  * With minimal renovation you can get another bedroom, easily!

   800 m2 surrounding land has an entrance with the finished steps on one
   side and a parking space on the other side.

   If you are interested in this great opportunity, please contact:
Mrs. Mirjana: LaraBucic@hotmail.com ili cell 091-531.7637

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